Saturday, August 11, 2012

Passion Find Its' Winner

Hey Jammers!
Well I have carefully checked,double chacked,and triple checked every Jammers answers to the Passion Contest that was recently created!Boy are you Jammers good at sight-seeing!:D
So lets find out who the Passion Winner is this time!!!!

The Passion Winner of the Find Its' Passion Contest is...
Edgerallenpoe411!Congratulations Edgerallenpoe411,thank you for entering the Passion Contest!!!!
I hope that all of us Jammers will be seeing you around AJP and also in the future Passion Contests to come!

Note:I believe that every Jammer were very good with this Find It Passion Contest!If you didn't win,don't worry!Cheer up,because their are a lot of more Passion Contests to come!!!Jammer's Promise!:D

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Passion Find It Contest

Hey Jammers!
Another Passion Contest is up!
This time you must find things all around Jamaa!Guess where these things are!:D
Good luck everyone!:D

Find It 1

Find It 2

Find It 3

Find It 4

Find It 5

Find It 6

Find It 7

Find It 8

Find It 9

Bonus Question:How many rocks are cemented into the pathway in Crystal Sands?



Thanks Jammers!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Winner of the First Passion Contest

Hey Jammers!
Sorry for the long wait to see who was the winner of the most recent Passion Contest.
(Vacationing,but I am now back.)
So lets find out who it was!:D

The winner of the first Passion Contest is MangoShapedSpace!
Congratulations MangoShapedSpace,thank you for entering the story contest!
Your story was a fun one to read,and I hope all of us Jammers will be seeing more fun stories from you!

Note:I'll send your prizes as soon as I can!:D

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Passion Story Contest

Hey Jammers,welcome to the first Passion Contest!
As you all can tell,this contest will be a story  contest.
So,let the games begin!

Write a story about this mysterious,yet fashion like tiger.
Here's some starter question's.
Who do you think he is?
Is he one of the tiger shaman's (Graham) ancestor?
Why doesn't he smile?<lol xD

The prize will be given to the jammers with the best story!
(If you don't win,don't worry your always a winner in AJP and there are tons of contests to come to AJP!)

PRIZES for the Story Contest:

Bird Feeder,Basketball,and Globe.